Grace Denton

You can look at my 35mm photos here, my digital photo diary here and watch videos I've made on my vimeo.

Other things I have a hand in:

is a cross-artform venue and producer. I currently work with them as Online Publishing Assistant by day, and Cinema Usher by night. I previously worked as iShed Coordinator for a year on the DCMS Jerwood Creative Bursaries scheme.

Often and Mistakes
showcases new, original art, photography and writing through print publications and videos. It is Rose Robbins and me.

Judy Works
is a girl gang, a support network and a commissioner. Judy Works supports the artistic work of non-male identified people. It is run by Rosa Martyn, Camille Rearden and me.

The Middle Ones
are a lo-fi folk pop band. I sing, play accordion, percussion, and generally mess around.

are an electro-pop band. I am the shy, retiring and sassy-as-hell singer.

Made Up
is a unique, interactive story-telling project devised and performed by Molly Naylor and Byron Vincent. I was lucky enough to produce it in both Bristol and Norwich.

Cafe Kino
is a vegan co-operative cafe on Stokes Croft, Bristol. I have been involved in putting on events at Cafe Kino since moving here. I recently officially joined the co-op and the events team.

Something Good
used to happen in Norwich. I started it, lots of brilliant people helped me out and played at the live events. Semi-extinct.

My other bands that don't perform so regularly are Lynx Africa, Your Mouth and Uncanny Valley. I sometimes play with Mat Riviere and Trust Fund.